always felt like you had our best interests in mind

“From the moment I first spoke with you on the phone, Linda, I knew that you would be the person I would trust to take us through the process. You listened to my initial desires for selling, provided accurate and thoughtful insight, and consistently followed up in a timely manner. Other agents we had attempted to contact regarding properties never returned calls, or never seemed interested in finding out who we were. But you took the time, and that made all the difference!

You spent countless hours guiding us through the selling process, even arranging to have most documents signed online, which worked perfectly for our chaotic lives! You understood the needs of our family, and took that into consideration with all parts of the process.

Given the challenges of selling and purchasing, we might have given up mid-way! However, it was your constant attention to detail, encouragement, and positive attitude that kept us focused and sure that we were doing the right thing. We always felt like you had our best interests in mind with each and every interaction that took place.”